Our team of certified meth testing technicians pride ourselves on delivering a professional, discreet, prompt and cost competitive service.


Our team of certified meth testing technicians offer a prompt, professional, and discreet service. We always give best service.


If your looking at buying or renting property, can you confidently say the home is safe from methamphetamine?


We offer initial meth screening tests from $199.00 (includes IANZ Lab report)

Why Choose us

  • On arrival at your property the meth tester will put on booties to cover their shoes, the purpose of this is to ensure no cross contamination from previous properties. (we do however use full PPE protection as required)
  • If there is a strong odour of chemical, or a smell of cat urine, the tester will put on a mask to protect them (please don’t be offended).
  • The tester will then, depending on which test option you go with, test up to 8 different sites within the house. The tester works with a template that is 10cm x 10cm. This template is placed at each of the sample sites and photographs are taken of each site.
  • The purpose of the photographs is to provide evidence of the sample sites to the client plus provide details for the testers if further sampling needs to be carried out.
  • Once the sampling has been completed the sample/s are sent to the laboratory for processing via tracked courier.
  • During the visit the tester will inspect the inside and outside of the property for signs of meth contamination.
  • On receiving the results Naki Meth Test will issue the client with a full and comprehensive report, including the photos taken on site (if applicable) and a copy of the laboratory results.
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